The online world is abuzz with many trending challenges that sometimes can get a little too far. Similar like the recently-viral ‘Keke Challenge’ (challengers need get out of a moving car and dance for Drake’s newest song), ‘Momo Challenge’ is now making rounds on Whatsapp, Facebook, and Youtube.

What’s the Challenge?

Users are challenged to ‘Whatsapp’ an unknown individual called ‘Momo’ and will receive disturbing images that encourage the users to suicide.

The profile picture featuring a scary image of a distorted lady with bulging eyes is actually the artwork of a Japanese artist Midori Hayashi—not related to this challenge in any way.

Warning for Parents

Children are mostly affected by this challenge and authorities around the world have warned parents against this challenge. If you find any suspicious behaviour from your kids, immediately report to the authorities and seek medical help.

Source & Photo Credit: Astro Awani