Singer Velmurugan and model Balaji Murugadoss are Bigg Boss S4 contestants who couldn't get along well with each other from the beginning of the season.

They encountered several arguments and singer Velmurugan even revealed that Balaji treats him differently and disliked him since the beginning.

In a recent interview, Velmurugan revealed that Balaji has a serious attitude issue and tend to become aggressive sometimes.

"During one of the task, Balaji revealed that he was abused by his parents and created sympathy. But one time he told me that even he hits his father," he revealed.

"One day Balaji said to me that he will point out any mistakes I do and make it into a big issue, but will not do the same to the people who are close to him in the house," said Velmurugan who points out that Balaji was also into groupism and favouritism.

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