Have you heard of Chitthirai Thiruvizha that is celebrated in Madurai for two long weeks? It's probably one of the grandest festivals in the state with seas of devotees flooding the streets trying to catch a glimpse of Lord Shiva (known as Sundareswarar) and Goddess Meenakshi.

Since Goddess Meenakshi is Lord Vishnu's sister, Chitthirai Thiruvizha is seen as a bridge of unity that brings both Vishnu and Shiva devotees from different castes together to celebrate this festival.

According to Tripsavvy, the festival begins 'on the fifth day of the bright half-moon of the Tamil month of Chitthirai'. This year, the dates of Chitthirai Thiruvizha have been set from April 8th to April 22nd.

We discovered stunning pictures by Rajesh Kumar Subramaniam, a wedding photographer and the founder of Ovien Photography, documenting the vibrant sights of Chitthirai Thiruvizha. Festival-goers especially children have transformed into Gods and Goddesses adorned with jewels and makeup and join the chariot march of the featival each day.

When contacted, Rajesh Kumar said that the real experience is more beautiful than his pictures.

"As a photographer, all I want is to capture the beautiful moments of these children dressed as Gods and Goddess.The moments feel surreal!" he expressed.

Catch some of the pictures here!

If you want to see the full collection of photos from Madurai's Chitthirai Thiruvizha, head over to Ovien Photography

Source: Tripsavvy