Enjoy these amazing Christmas and New Year shows and movies only on Vaanavil Ch201:

Wednesday, 25th December

Abhimanyu LIVE in Concert (Premier) - Vaanavil CH 201 @ 11am
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Catch Abhimanyu’s mesmerizing Kollywood 30 minutes LIVE music instrumental performance at GM Klang. Abhimanyu is a local group who are well known for their unplugged version of LIVE performance.

Kuttram Seiyel (Premier) - Vaanavil CH 201 @ 11.30am
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Kuttram Seiyel, a local film released early this year, is a crime-action film that featured Indian actor Bose Venkat. Revolving around gangsterism and crime, a police officer with unlimited dedication is determined to end crime in a city by taking down a well-known gangster.

Meantime, there were two groups of college students who were very interested in the criminal case and eagerly begin to conduct their own research which worsens the situation. Who wins in this gripping conflict? Catch Kuttram Seiyal to find out. Starring: Bose Venkat, Vijith, Dr S Selvamuthu, Dheena, Rajini Samuvel and Bharathirajaa

Thevalayam Punitha Payanam (Premier) - Vaanavil CH 201 @ 9pm
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This local documentary highlights four historical and heritage-filled churches located around Malaysia specifically: Christ Church, Melaka; Church of St. Anne, Penang; Church of St. John The Divine, Ipoh; and Our Lady of Lourdes, Klang showcasing their history, architecture, uniqueness and most importantly, contribution to the community.

Saturday, 28th December

Allunggal Vellunggal Christmas Special - Vaanavil CH 201 @ 9pm
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A supermarket sweep game show with a Christmas spin on this special festive episode. Three couples will be required to complete all challenging tasks in a given time frame such as grocery-themed quiz, puzzles and more. Unsuccessful participants will be required to carry out comical penalties such as splashing of ice water, throwing eggs and others.

Tuesday, 31st December

Villavan - Vaanavil CH 201 @ 12pm
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Local film ,Villavan, tells the story of a furious son who takes on the role of a vigilante who avenges his father’s murder who experiences unexpected surprises while on his journey.

Will he succeed in his mission or does he get distracted by the surprises? Watch this thrilling movie to find out. Starring: Vinod Mohan, Sangeeta Krishnasamy and Logan Nathan.

Jhangri - Vaanavil CH 201 @ 3pm
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Jhangri, local action and romantic comedy film is filled with unlimited twists and suspense. Vikran, the hero of the film who is unhappy with his arranged marriage decides to destroy it by informing everyone that he dislikes his future wife, Jaanu.

Surprisingly, Vikran soon falls for Jaanu after she reacts the similar way as him making him determined to win her heart with twists to follow. Catch Jhangri on Astro Vaanavil this holiday season. Starring: Vicran Elanggoven, Agalyah Maniam, Kuben Mahadevan and many more.

Suhamaai Subbulakshmi - Vaanavil CH 201 @ 6pm
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Suhamaai Subbulakshmi is an award-winning local movie directed by Karthik Shamalan. The story revolves around the sacrifices and choices that one can be required to make for success with emphasis on the importance of true love, friendship and the dream to achieve life goals.

Starring: Saresh D7, Punitah Shanmugam, Bagya Arivuckarasu, and Kuben Mahadevan.

Atcham Thaveer - Vaanavil CH 201 @ 9pm
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Atcham Thaveer, Malaysian and Singaporean movie, portrays various boundaries of fear against human desires. Starring: Gana, Uthaya, Geetha and Aanantha.