Vallavar-S4-Ep5-The-Strongest-Triumphs Lifestyle
  • 08 Mar 2018
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Vallavar S4 Ep5: The Strongest Triumphs

Each episode in Vallavar Season 4 is bringing the heat up as the contestants are facing tougher challenges and shockingly, some outperformed the others. This week is going to be a deciding factor on how strong the contestants are.

Vallavar-S4-Ep6-Conquer-the-Pool Lifestyle
  • 17 Mar 2018
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Vallavar S4 Ep6: Conquer the Pool

This week, the contestants will be forced to take a plunge into two different pools. One that is filled with 1000kg of cow dung! Truly inspiring to see how far they are willing to go to conquer the challenge.

Vallavar-S4-Ep7-Fighting-with-Fire Lifestyle
  • 20 Mar 2018
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Vallavar S4 Ep7: Fighting with 'Fire'

This week is going to test the contestants’ stamina and agility. Still, in Penang, contestants will start their journey at the famous Thaneer Malai temple.

Vallavar-S4-Grand-Final-LIVE Lifestyle
  • 29 Mar 2018
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Vallavar S4 Grand Final LIVE

This time, the challenges are not only going to be difficult and grueling, it’s also going to test the contestants’ limits and willpower. The remaining contestants Sharmen, Kanagaraj, Shah, and Theeban are all tough competitors.