Stargazing-in-Malaysia Lifestyle
  • 08 Dec 2016
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Stargazing in Malaysia

Now, what excites you about Malaysia? Probably you are proud of the glorious food paradise all over Malaysia.

Planning-a-trip-to-Boracay Lifestyle
  • 30 Oct 2017
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Planning a trip to Boracay?

Planning a trip to an unknown country can be quite hectic, especially when you are backpacking.

Why-You-Should-Visit-Yogyakarta-Atleast-Once-In-Your-Lifetime Lifestyle
  • 12 Feb 2018
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Why You Should Visit Yogyakarta Atleast Once In Your Lifetime

Join our Vallavar S4 Watch & Win Contest, where 3 lucky winners will be entitled to win an all-paid trip to Yogyakarta for 2 pax!

Neelakurinji-Blossoming-Again-After-12-Years Lifestyle
  • 23 Feb 2018
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Neelakurinji Blossoming Again After 12 Years!

Have you heard of a flower that's so rare, that it will only blossom every 12 years once?

Why-Sri-Lanka-Should-Be-In-Your-Bucket-List Lifestyle
  • 28 Feb 2018
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Why Sri Lanka Should Be In Your Bucket List!

If you're visiting this beautiful country, here are the things that you shouldn't miss at any cost!

Travel-Guide-Best-Countries-to-Visit-Every-Month-of-2018 Lifestyle
  • 13 Mar 2018
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Travel Guide: Best Countries to Visit Every Month of 2018

We all know that Malaysia is the land of public holidays. The past few years have been a blessing to Malaysian travellers as public holidays have been falling in such a way that it’s giving us long weekends.

Five-Bollywood-Films-That-Will-Make-You-Want-To-Travel Lifestyle
  • 26 Mar 2018
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Five Bollywood Films That Will Make You Want To Travel

Check out the top five movies that will allow you to discover your inner thirst for travelling the world.

5-Countries-You-Can-t-Travel-in-2018 Lifestyle
  • 24 Apr 2018
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5 Countries You Can’t Travel in 2018

As war, violence and religious extremism continue rage many countries in the world, we have listed our Editor’s Pick of the ‘Countries You Can’t Travel in 2018’ simply because it’s not safe.

Top-Visa-free-Countries-for-Malaysians-to-Visit Lifestyle
  • 03 May 2018
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Top Visa-free Countries for Malaysians to Visit

A Malaysian passport gets visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 159 countries. Shocking, isn’t it? Now you have a long list of countries you can choose from every time you plan your vacation. To make things easier, here’s the Editor’s Pick of the ‘Top Visa-free Countries for Malaysians to Visit’.