Home for Elderly Slapped With Closure Order Following Abuse Claims

  • 20 Jun 2019
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The Seremban old folk's home in which its residents were allegedly starved, locked up, and made to drink their own urine, has been ordered to close. 

Many relatives of the senior citizens placed at the private home have started checking their family members out, following the order by the Welfare Department. 

The closure order comes into effect this afternoon.

Azrin Shala, 49, who owns the centre, says he contacted family members of the residents immediately after receiving the closure order. 

"I did not expect to end this way (sic). It was my intention to help caring for the elderly as entrusted by their family members. 

"I apologise to all of them who have put their trust in me," he was quoted telling the New Straits Times. 

Azrin, however, denied the closure order was related to investigations into the elderly abuse at the centre, and said it was due to registration problems. 

The issue came to light earlier this week when a woman, claiming to be a former employee at the centre, posted a video of a purported caretaker at the home taunting an elderly female resident. The video went viral and a relative of a resident lodged a police report.

The woman also alleged some of the residents had been locked in their rooms for hours, tied to their chairs, fed chillies and given sleeping pills above the prescribed dosage. 

According to her, some 16 deaths have been recorded at the home since 2017 - an extraordinarily high number for a home which can only accommodate between six and 12 residents at any given time.

All the deaths had been attributed to illness at old age. 

The Facebook user, however, later deleted her account, but not before the video was picked by other pages. 

The home, operational since 2016, offers daily care and therapy for old folks. 

Following the revelation, four former employees of the home also had a press conference, echoing the claims made by the woman. 

They also lodged a police report after alleging their complaints to the employer and the Welfare Department went unheeded.

Source: New Straits Times
Picture source: Facebook

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