Scrap Metal Collector Becomes Facebook Hero For His Honesty

  • 19 Jun 2019

A Rohingya scrap metal collector is being praised on social media for his honesty in returning a wallet full of cash, and a mobile phone, to its owner.
The feel good story was shared by actor and celebrity TV host Elaine Daly on her Facebook page earlier this week.
Relating the "miracle", Daly said she was running some errands with her husband Nick on Sunday morning when he accidentally left his wallet and mobile phone on the roof of the car she was driving, as he was taking out the baby seat.
Not realising, Daly drove off to her destination. Only after arriving did she realise that she had received many missed calls from her husband, who appeared frantic as the wallet had a big wad of cash from an ATM withdrawal.
Daly then tried calling her husband's missing phone but got no answer.
About an hour later, she received a call from the phone from the Rohingya man, who identified himself as Amin.
He told her he had the phone and wallet with the cash still intact, and was in Petaling Jaya.
"How crazy is that? Anyone else would have just taken it! So we drive to SS1 Petron and true enough, he (Amin) was there with his bike and cart, with Nick’s belongings," she wrote.
Amin told them he had found the phone and wallet while riding on the highway and picked it up.
According to Daly, Amin is a UNHCR (The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) card holder, who lives in the country with his family.
He told them that if he could not reach them, he would have gone to the police station with Nick's belongings.
The couple left Amin with a reward, and told him to call them in case he needed any help.
"Really goes to show that there are still good people out there and people who care.
"He could have kept it all but didn't. Thank you Amin for restoring my faith in humanity, especially in this day and age where theres lots of bickering and negative noise going on," she wrote, adding that she and her husband are eternally grateful to "angel" Amin.
At the time this article was written, her post had been liked more than 1,800 times, and got almost 450 shares and 120 comments - the majority praising Amin for his honesty despite his hardship.
Amin is indeed a breath of fresh air in a world where selflessness is rare. Hats off to you Amin, and here's hoping for great things to come your way.
Source: Elaine Daly Facebook
Photo source: Elaine Daly Facebook