Superstar Honours Disabled Man Who Donated Blood for the 100th Time

  • 03 Jun 2019

Every now and then, you come across blood donation drives happening in schools or in conjunction with a public event. Organisers often have to go in search of people to get them to donate blood or to create awareness about the importance of blood donation.
However, this man from Mumbai doesn’t wait for a blood donation drive to be held near him. Despite being affected by polio and confined to a wheelchair, he’s travelled across 18 states in India to donate his blood.
In total, Prakash M. Nadar has covered over 100,000 km and donated his blood 100 times.
His efforts have caught the attention of Superstar Rajinikanth himself! Honouring Prakash's efforts to create widespread awareness on blood donation, Superstar Rajinikanth presented him with a certificate.
According to his post on Facebook, Prakash set a World Record for the First Disabled Person to Complete his 100th Blood Donation.
While there hasn't been any formal announcement to confirm this, in his post, we can clearly see Superstar Rajinikanth presenting him with a cert and embracing him.

Prakash first started donating blood 25 years ago, after his father died due to a lack of blood when he needed it. Since then, Prakash’s only mission in life has been to make people realise the importance of donating blood and organs.
In a 2016 interview, Prakash said: “I donate blood four times a year and now, I am trying to do so in each state so that people become aware of the importance of blood donation. If a person like me who is 90 percent disabled could donate blood, why couldn’t all healthy people of India do so? It would save many precious lives."

Source: The NationTribune India
Photo Credit: India Medical Times

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