Ramadan Treats to Savour at KL Food Joints

  • 29 May 2019

With our Muslim friends currently fasting, here are a few unique treats that's only available this Ramadan at some of our favourite food joints in KL. Happy feasting!

1. Apam balik pizza - available at Pezzo Pizza

If you're a big fan of apam balik and pizzas, here's one way to eat both for the price of one. Toppings include cream cheese, pandan kaya, ground peanuts, sweetcorn and mozzarella cheese. Priced at RM 8.90 per slice, don't miss out on it because it is only available during Ramadan.

2. Serunding Popcorn Chicken - available at My Burger Lab

This snack is given a Malay twist with its homemade serunding and creamy lime sauce. Priced at RM 14, head to the nearest My Burger Lab this Ramadan.

3. Kurma flavoured Milk Tea - available at Chatime

Chatime has come up with three unique milk tea - Kurma pearl milk tea, Kurma de Chocolate and Kurma Banana milk tea. Priced at RM 9.90, it will be available until 30 June, giving you plenty of time to try all these drinks.

4. Mashisayo Rendang Rolling Cheese - available at Ojju

Korean fried chicken topped with rendang and cheese? There's also beef ribs if you're not in the mood for chicken. Available at Ojju until 30 June. Chicken wings are priced at RM 43.90, chicken drumsticks at RM 49.90 and beef ribs at RM 79.90

Photo Source: Mini Me Insights, myBurgerLab, Have Halal, Will Travel, fave

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