Sitting for More Than 13 Hours Cancels Out Any Exercise That's Done

  • 29 May 2019

Study conducted at the University of Texas show that exercise can be nullified if a person sits for long hours.

The researchers chose ten healthy and active young people and first told them to sit for 13 hours without exercising in between those hours. They were then asked to do sit again, but to also include an hour on the treadmill.

The researchers then measured the glucose, triglyceride and insulin levels in the participants and found that there was no significant difference between those who exercised and those who did not. They concluded that when people remain in a state of inactivity, it makes their body resistant to any metabolic changes which they might get from exercise.

"Being sedentary for long periods of time may create conditions inside our bodies that stop some of the good effects of being active and make us resistant to the usual metabolic improvements after acute exercise," Edward Coyle, senior author of the study said to the New York Times.

Although more study is needed, it is recommended that people take short breaks in between sitting either by standing up and going for a short walk.

Photo source: DrVeniAdvokat

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