Can a Diabetics Patient Eat Peanuts?

  • 27 May 2019

It has a low impact on a person's blood sugar.

Peanuts are shown in studies to be rich in healthy fat, protein, fibre, minerals and antioxidants.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), one ounce of peanuts (29g) contains 161 calories, 1.34g sugar, 4.57g carbs and 2.4g fibre.

The study also show that peanuts have a low impact on the blood glucose levels. It is one of the lowest scoring GI food with 14 glycemic index and 1 glycemic load, which makes it good for diabetics.

It is recommended that people with diabetes eat more fibre because it lowers the cholesterol levels, reduces the absorption of glucose and helps to feel full longer.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends women to eat approximately 25g and men to eat 38g of peanuts daily. The study conducted by the ADA show that a high fibre intake can decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes by 20% to 30%.

However, most peanut butters in the market contain high amount of sugar. It is advisable to read the label before purchase and to only choose the sugar-free ones. People with peanut allergy should avoid it or seek doctor's advise before adding it to their diet.

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