A 70-Year-Old Malaysian Got Stuck in a Well and Survived 37 Hours By Eating a Frog

  • 27 May 2019

Can you survive 37 hours in 13 feet chest-deep water filled well, drinking only muddy water and eating a live frog?

That’s exactly what this 70-year-old man from Sitiawan, who works at a plantation, did!
The man’s ordeal began when he went to pick palm fruits on the morning of May 23, as per his usual routine. However, he didn’t return home for lunch, causing his worried wife to immediately try to search for him.

When she couldn’t find him, she informed her relatives, and sought the help of the Manjung Rescue Team. They searched overnight and through the next day before finally finding him in a well at 9.40pm on May 24.

It was reported that he had fallen in the well around 9 am on May 23. The well had been covered with grass, and the water in it was chest high, making it difficult for him to get out on his own. But, he never gave up.

He tried to stay alive by drinking the dirty water and even found a live frog to eat. When the rescue team found him, they immediately tossed over a water bottle and gave him some bread after getting him out.

He was brought to Pantai Hospital Manjung for treatment after an immediate checkup on the spot showed his vital signs to be normal.

When asked about his experience, the man said: “Not only did I have to drink the dirty and stinky well water, but I also ate a live frog that I found in the well. When I couldn’t find any more frogs to eat, I began to panic. I thought I could only last for another day. If no one found me by Sunday, I’ll sure be dead.”

His determination and courage shown in the face of possible death are truly inspiring!

Source: World of Buzz
Photo Credit: Sin Chew

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