This King in India Ate Poison and 35kg of Food Every Day!

  • 22 May 2019

King Mahmud Shah I Mahmud Begarha, referred to as Mahmud Begada, is one of the notable rulers of the Gujarat Sultanate. Famously titled as 'Sultan of the Land, Sultan of the Sea', he ruled for 53 years while expanding the territories of Gujarat to its widest through his many conquests.

What makes him very unique was his immense strength and a huge appetite for food. It's said that after an attempt to poison him, the king was fed small amounts of poison every day to become immune. Many believed that touching him or his clothes can turn anyone poisonous. 

As a result, he had a massive hunger that required him to eat at least 35 kilograms of food every day and on top of that, he will have 4.6kg of dessert. 

His royal breakfast included one cup of honey and clarified butter each with 150 golden bananas. At night, he will have two plates of meat samosas at the sides of his bed if he ever felt hungry. 

According to Time of India, King Mahmud used to say, “If Allah had not given his unworthy slave rule over Gujarat, who would have satisfied his hunger?"

He died at the age of 66 due to poor health. But, what makes us wonder is the fact that how can someone survive all those years even after consuming huge amounts of calories and poison?

Yes, he had a family -- wife, and sons. If he was poisonous as claimed by the myth, how did his family stayed alive? While the wife passed away when he was still alive, at least 2 sons known to have survived.

Nevertheless, India is never short of amazing stories and legends like this. If you are interested in articles like this, stay tuned on Astro Ulagam for more!

Source: Times of India & IPFS
Photo Credit: Philly India & Times of India

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