You are Not a Celebrity Just Because You are Famous on Social Media - Actor Haridass

  • 20 May 2019

Social media plays an undeniable role in the success of a film in Malaysia. It's common that social media influencers are often deemed as celebrities and even start appearing on short films and music videos before making their debut in feature films.

Actor Haridass, who has been in the Malaysian film industry for at least 2 decades, shares his thoughts on how the likes and followers on social media don't define an artist.

"Nowadays, you just need to act in a video clip to become an actor. It was not like that before. We didn't have any social media, Facebook or even Instagram before," he said. 

According to the Maravan actor, a lot of people have the perception that having 100, 000 followers on social media will mean that 100, 000 people will watch their movie in the theatres.

"It's not like that. Ask anyone to prove this. If that was true, a lot of films would have been profitable," he laughed.

The actor believes that social media is not the platform for someone to be an actor or actress. It goes beyond just posting selfies and boasting a huge amount of followers.

"Even if you attain fame through social media to be an actor, it wouldn't last long. What if social media platforms decide to close down? You will vanish. No one will remember you. What will sustain? Only real talent!" he explained.

When asked about his involvement on social media, Haridass revealed that he's not really active on social media. He just posts what's necessary to promote his films, like videos or photos. 

More importantly, social media is the platform for his full-time profession as a photographer.

"In Malaysia, working full-time in the film industry can be difficult. The jobs you get are seasonal. So, I'll always advise newcomers to have a stable job and involve in films as part-timers," he added.

Of course, the film industry in Malaysia cannot be compared to India. There is a lot of difference, Haridass claims.

"First, the level of dedication. There will be hundreds of workers in a unit and everyone will be doing their work properly. All of them focus on getting the best shot.

"But, in Malaysia, artists struggle to take even a bit of criticism from directors. They show face. It's difficult to manage them after that," he said.

When Haridass first came for acting, the scripts used to fly from the director's hands. He has worked with directors like that!

"Now, after the director says to cut on the set, immediately the artists start uploading pictures on Instagram or making Tik Toks," he added.

Let us know your opinion. Is social media not the correct platform to start someone's acting career?

Haridass has been nominated in MICA Awards 2019 that is happening on 22nd May.

Don't miss the opportunity to meet him at the HGH Convention Hall, Sentul. For Gala Dinner tables, entry passes and invitations public may contact 019 2240 999 or visit for information.

Photo Credit: Filmibeat & The Star

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