Baby Koba reveals why Jagat role was his favourite

  • 16 May 2019

Kuben Mahadevan, also known as Baby Koba, needs no introduction to the Indian community in Malaysia.

Despite claiming to have a "strict nature", we just love seeing him as a comedian in our local movies. And he's just as hilarious in person - which is why we couldn't figure out why he calls himself 'strict'!

In a recent interview with Kuben, we dug deeper into his views on many things, including the Malaysian movie industry. But we started off with the basics:

Your moment of realisation?

"I used to lie to my parents quite often, and would put up a show to ensure that I don't get caught. That's when I had the moment of realisation. That's when I realised that I'm a darn good actor," he laughed.

Baby Koba?

"My friends teased me saying that I look like a baby. They called me Baby Koba instead of Kuben. But I somehow fell in love with the name, and decided to maintain it."

The name suits him well. He does look adorable and cuddly!

First step?

"We were too free and decided to shoot a short film in 2012. I was the director, and I played a small role in the film at the same time. Well, I didn't expect my journey to continue till now."

Your favourite role?

"Many see me as a comedian. But the role I enjoyed playing the most was in 'Jagat'. It was an impactful character and I'm looking forward to play more roles like that in the future."

In Jagat, Kuben played a struggling father who wants the best for his son. His acting and emotions were on-spot and to-date 'Maniam' is Kuben's most memorable role of all.

Director or actor?

"Even though I enjoy both directing and acting, I would want to explore more as a director. Because an actor's role is limited, but a director's role is limitless."

What superpower do you wish you had?

"I would love to be invisible, so that I can spy on director Karthik Shamalan. I'm too curious to know what he's doing right on set. That's the only superpower I need".

If you would like to watch his full interview, stay tuned at this space on Astro Ulagam! Kuben has been nominated in MICA Awards 2019 that is happening on 22nd May.

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