The Don'ts Of Hinduism

  • 16 May 2019
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Have you ever wondered what is not allowed in Hinduism? Let's look at some of its don'ts:

1. Hindus are not allowed to eat beef because the cow is considered a sacred animal.

2. Killing a cow is also considered a sin.

3. Adultery and premarital sex are not allowed for both males and females.

4. A person can't enter a temple after consuming alcohol and/or eating meat, unless they cleanse themselves with a bath.

5. Women are not allowed to enter the temples during menstruation.

6. People belonging to certain castes are not allowed to eat non-vegetarian food such as the Brahmins, Weavers and Vaishya castes. This, however, also depends on the region and the availability of food.

7. Killing innocent people is prohibited.

8. Hurting others physically or emotionally is considered a sin.

9. Promiscuity in thoughts, words and deeds.

10. Wasting food.

11. Disrespecting the elders such as parents and teachers.

12. Mistreatment of animals.

13. It is recommended to eat vegetarian food as killing animals is considered a sin.

14. Stealing in any form.

15. Telling a lie.

16. Misappropriation or bribery.

It is recommended to consume vegetarian food on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. This is because Hinduism believes that human beings only need a little amount of meat to fulfill the body's nutritional requirements.

By restricting the number of days it can be eaten, its followers will not be addicted to it and contract any diseases related to excess protein. It is also not allowed on auspicious days, to maintain the sacredness of the day by not killing an animal (which is a sin).

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