Filmmaker Swaroop Kanchi's film "Mudita" to be screened at Cannes

  • 10 May 2019

Filmmaker Swaroop Kanchi's film "Mudita" has been chosen to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival later this month.

The film follows the life of a jazz saxophonist with Swaroop playing the lead role. The Bangalore-born director is naturally excited about having his film shown to an international audience because he feels that "the film will offer an interesting musical experience for the audience."

He said that he has been going to Cannes since 2015 to understand and analyse the criteria of the films selected. According to him, "To understand world audience and get a good picture of the movie aficionados across the globe, this is the best platform for any filmmaker."

When asked by the Times of India on how different Indian films are to the international ones, he said, "Indian cinema is different from international films. Even our off-beat cinema has so much music and dance, whereas in the West, offbeat cinema also has a commercial value and there's a huge market out there to be explored for such movies.

"Also, Indian filmmakers shy away from making films based on our history and epics. Even as the world continues to embrace all things intrinsically Indian, sadly we don't showcase it and there is not enough reflection of 'real' Indian tradition in our movies. The Chinese, actually, do a great job of showcasing Shaolin and other local practices. We need to look at similar aspects and try and tap into this demand."

He refers to the independent filmmaking scene as an "endangered species" swallowed whole by the mainstream films.

"The biggest challenge for filmmakers like us is the budget and resources at our disposal. It's difficult, but it's full of opportunities because you can tell the stories you like and also experiment more."

He added that there is not much push given to indie filmmakers in India, while Europe and other nations give a tremendous backing to their respective indie film industries. He admitted that indie filmmakers in Karnataka do receive subsidy but in a very small amount.

Photo Source: Times of India

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