What Colour Is This Shoe? What You See Tells You Something About Your Brain

  • 09 May 2019

A simple dress sparked debates online a few years ago when netizens couldn't determine whether a dress was blue and black, or white and gold.

Now, a similar post has come into the spotlight, sparking quite a similar debate.

In 2017, a Twitter user has posted a picture of a shoe asking if it's grey and teal, or pink and white. This went viral, and people couldn't come to terms with the colour. And the post has resurfaced again this year.

Left-Brained or Right-Brained?

So why the difference and is this caused by optical illusion?

Many claim the differences in the colours seen are caused by an individual's brain dominance. 

So, if you see pink and white, your left brain is dominant and you will be logical, practical and analytical.

Meanwhile, if you see teal and grey, you're right-brained and tend to be imaginative, thoughtful, creative and artistic.

However, the person who originally tweeted the image clarified that the actual colour of the shoe is pink and white. And the colour difference was caused by the camera flash.
Source: TimesOfIndia
Image credit: Wired

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