When the body doesn't absorb water (Ayurvedic solutions)

  • 09 May 2019
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The Ayurvedic texts say that water represents "soma", the cooling quality associated with the lunar energy. It cools and balances the Pitta dosha (digestion, metabolism and energy production); supports the Kapha dosha (weight, muscle growth, strength and stability of body); and counteracts the dryness of the Vata dosha (flow and motion in the body).

Water, when properly absorbed by the body, has several healing qualities:

1. Helps to remove fatigue (Shramnashana)
2. Enhances the glow of the skin
3. Prevents constipation
4. Increases stamina
5. Helps the heart by pacifying the Sadhaka pitta (it controls the communication between the heart and mind)
6. Helps with digestion
7. Cooling
8. Easy to assimilate

Some people will experience dry skin and unquenchable thirst although they consume a lot of water. This is an indication that the body isn't fully absorbing the water. The person's agni (digestive fire) is weak and the ama (build-up of toxins and impurities) is blocking the shrotas (the systems in the body) from fully delivering the water to the cells.

Ayurvedic texts recommend boiling the water for various lengths of time, creating "ushnodaka" to help the body absorb the water easily. Another method is to add spices or herbs to the water after boiling.

When water is heated up, it changes into "sookshma" and is able to clean the channels in the body and penetrate the cells better.

The Spices create an added therapeutic effect by interacting with the water on a molecular level. They also create different effects on the body through their aroma and taste.

It will then become easier for the body to flush out toxins and impurities because of the agni (heat) created in the water and because of the properties in the spices. Over time, the channels will become clear and unobstructed and the water is able to hydrate all the tissues in the body.

Photo Source: Alandi Ayurveda

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