The four types of karma

  • 07 May 2019
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We have heard the word "karma" spoken many times in our lives especially when someone receives their comeuppance. Most people believe that it is in their karma to suffer and that it is beyond their ability to change it. Although there are many types of karma, the Vedas and Upanishads only speak of the four main ones.

1. Prarabdha Karma or Matured Karma

When we do something, it is taken note of by the universe. Whatever we are presently facing in life that can't be changed is Prarabdha Karma. However, it doesn't mean our future can't be changed. There is still the karma that hasn't matured yet.

2. Sanchita Karma or Stored Karma

There are people who experience the same type of problems as if it is on repeat. There is also no stability in their lives. Good fortunate seem to come and go at random. This is because of the stored up karma. The good and bad are experienced at the same time. The good news is Sanchita Karma can be changed if we go to the seed thought (main thought). We can either nurture or destroy it.

3. Agami Karma or Forthcoming Karma

Agami Karma is mandatory. It's a result of past actions. Karma is important because all the choices we make today affect the future. It's only by being continuously aware of what we are doing in the present moment we can change Agami (our future).

4. Vartamana Karma or Present Karma

This is the karma that you're going through right now. Let's say that you would like to get rid of a tree. You can chop the tree down or uproot it. But you still have to get rid of the woodchips, fallen leaves and fruit. It's a huge effort, but it's also only done once. Once that is cleared, you won't have that tree and its fruits anymore. You can plant new seeds, a different fruit tree and harvest those every few months, clearing up your karmic field regularly.

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