India On High Alert To Face The Severe Cyclone Fani

  • 30 Apr 2019

The Cyclone Fani that begins several days back on the coast of Odisha, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, turned into a 'severe cyclonic storm' which is expected to strengthen further and turn into a 'very severe cyclonic storm' today.

The Navy, the National Disaster Response Force, and the Indian Coast Guard are on high alert with naval ships stand-by in Visakhapatnam and Chennai for relief and rescue operations.

The sea will be very rough along Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, and southern Andhra Pradesh, where fishermen were asked to avoid going into the sea as it is extremely dangerous.

About 879 cyclone shelters have been prepared in Odisha, the place which will be hit severely by the cyclone, to accommodate over a million people.

Here's everything you need to know about Cyclone Fani:

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