UPDATE: The Girls Have Been Found

  • 15 Apr 2019

Two teen girls, 15-year-old Natshatra Navanita and 16-year-old Divyaa Munian, who have been missing since Sunday night at 11.40pm have been found by the police. Here's the confimation by Divyaa's mother Shanthi Theshaja on Facebook:

According to Natshatra's mother Sheila, the girls went to a temple close to Natshatra's Maxwell Towers home for Chitthirai Puthandu celebrations. They returned to the condo and booked a GrabCar for Divyaa. Natshatra accompanied Divyaa to the condo pickup area to wait for her ride. Sheila realised the girls went missing only after she received a call from Divyaa's mother, who was awaiting her arrival.

The families panicked and began hunting for the girls. According to Shanti, the condo guard saw them walking out of the entrance, and the families suspect the girls may have decided to walk back to Divyaa’s house, which is 10-minutes away from the condo.

After missing for almost 22 hours, the girls are now safe and sound. There is still no update on what happened to them and why they disappeared. We are trying to contact the mothers to find out the full story. We will update as soon as we hear from them.

Thanks a lot for your support. 

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