RAAGA Announcers Attempt The #TrashTag Challenge

  • 22 Mar 2019

Over the weekend, #TrashTag Challenge went viral where people from around the world have been cleaning up trash from parks, beaches, streets, roads and everywhere in between, sharing images of their “before” and “after” across social media.

RAAGA announcers, Ahila, Suresh and Aanantha also joined the #TrashTag challenge, helping kickstart the movement in Malaysia. Ahila, Suresh and Aanantha cleaned up a parking lot in Brickfields and their post uploaded on RAAGA’s social media, received very encouraging and positive feedback from fans. So far, there are more than 43,000 posts tagged on Instagram with #TrashTag.

Visit RAAGA’s official Facebook and Instagram to check out the #TrashTag post and come up with your own #TrashTag initiative to help Mother Nature!


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