STPM High Achiever Dhivya Janani Answers Your Questions

  • 14 Mar 2019

Dhivya Janani's stupendous achievement as the 'Best Student of STPM 2018' or ‘Pelajar Cemerlang STPM 2018’ has made us proud. Earlier on Vizhuthugal, she spoke about how education is her escape from the clutches of poverty:

Following her interview, we opened the floor to our audience on Ulagam who asked some interesting questions. Find Dhivya's answers to your questions here:

Answer: I always revise, study and give full concentration when teachers are teaching in class. If I don't understand something, I  discuss with the teachers.


1. My family hardship is my secret to success. I always focus in class and  listen to my teachers' guidance.

2. I don't waste time on social media and I fix a specific time to study every day (7 pm - 12 am).

3. Every day, I travel about 30 minutes (20 km) from my house to school but I never gave up hope.

4. Before I took up STPM, many people discouraged me. They said 'why did you choose STPM? It is a difficult examination' but I never cared about it. I used their words of discouragement as my strength to achieve in STPM.

Answer: I listen to motivational songs especially (Mazhai Thuli - Sangamam) and I always think about my family's hardship.

Answer: I'm interested in giving more opportunities for students from the estates. I want to help them by giving them motivation and support them by providing tuition fees and accommodation.

Answer: My passion is to pursue accounting as a profession. I believe that accounting requires extreme concentration on Mathematics, business, economics, and finance, which are my strengths.

Answer: For now, my short term goal is to pursue an accounting degree in University Malaya. My long term goal is to become a successful accountant and get involved in social initiatives to motivate students like me to excel in education.

Our heartiest congratulations to Dhivya and we hope to see her achieving greater heights of success in the future.

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