Kelantan's Arts & Crafts @ KL to KK

  • 02 Jan 2019

Kelantan is not only known for the people's hospitality, but also their expertise in various crafts. Let's take a look at the crafts maed by Kelantanese.

1. Songket Weaving

The art of songket weaving is believed to have reached the east coast of Malaysia (Kelantan and Terengganu) from the North (Cambodia-Siam Region). In Kelantan, Cik Minah's Songket and Batik has been around since the 1950s. It's a renowned songket and weaving company in Kelantan that sells Songket, Batik and local handicrafts. 

2. Silverware

The silversmiths in Kelantan are well-known for their intricate designs. Till today, the silversmiths make the silverware using traditional tools and methods, most by hand. Royalties are known to have their own team of silversmiths to make keris and musical instruments.  

3. Wau-making

The special kite made in Kelantan is called the 'Wau Bulan' meaning the moon kite. One of the thriving cottage industries, this type of wau-making is unique to Kelantan and attracts tourists and craft enthusiasts every year. 

So, what do you think about these unique crafts from Kelantan?

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