Bigg Boss 12: Day 8 & 9 Summed Up

  • 26 Dec 2018

It has been two days of mega emotions and drama. Day 8 took a turn when Bigg Boss made the contestant to watch a video of them breaking all the house rules, for example, speaking in English, not wearing mics, sleeping during the day etc. Little did they know that they all must pay the price of breaking those ground rules. Here’s what followed post the announcement:

Day 8

- Bigg Boss takes away Kriti and Roshmi's privilege of being a captain because despite being a captain, even they didn’t follow the house rules.
- Bigg Boss announced open nominations, in which each contestant had to pick up the wax statues of the Jodi/ singles and put it in a melting pot stating the reason behind nominating them.
- While Kriti and Roshmi are unsafe in the nominations, as captains, they get a special power to save one single contestant or one pair from this week's nominations and after much discussion, they decide to save Deepak and Urvashi.

At the end of day 8, all contestants were seen discussing the nominations with their closed ones and agree on the point that anything can happen on this game show.  
Day 9 got to an interesting point when Jodis (doubles) fought it out with single players for the luxury budget. It is intense because this week’s luxury task will have a direct impact on captaincy as well as nominations.

Things took an ugly turn during the “Samudri Lootere” task which involves celebrity contestants owning a golden ring and being prisoners to the jodis. The jodis would torment them till they surrender and hand over the golden ring. Here’s what followed during the task:

- Sreesanth is given rest from the task on doctor's suggestion. But he can help his team by giving suggestions
- Nehha Pendse is the first to face the heat where eggs were applied on Nehha's face and the contestant got into a fight over Nehha wearing the mic
- Seesanth got emotional seeing Nehha's condition and how she was bullied
- Srishty is the second one to go for torture and the Jodis become successful in torturing Srishty as she cries her heart out and gets down from the chair
- Next to sit on the chair is Dipika but Dipika also got up from the chair when cold water was thrown on her face
- Karanvir who was the last to go on the task manages to stay on the chair and impresses everyone
At the end of day 9, we could see that the luxury budget task has created differences between the jodis and the singles. We can’t wait to see how will the jodis perform in the same task when the singles are in a fit of rage for payback. 

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