Bigg Boss 12, Day 1 Highlights

  • 18 Dec 2018

Day 1 in the Bigg Boss house started off rather interesting yesterday. The day took a turn when Bigg Boss summons Dipika Kakar for the first task, which is called 'BB Press Conference,' which pitches singles against couples. In the task, single contestants must challenge a couple and prove that they are weaker for the show in their comparison. Shristy Rode is the first to challenge Anup Jalota and Jasleen.

Right from the beginning, Anup Jalota's relationship with Jasleen made everyone curious. Upon being asked by Saba Khan on her relationship status with Anup, Jasleen was hesitant and duly answered “Anup ji is a nice person. He is a friend and confidante and guru, while Anup Jalota claims that Jasleen is his girlfriend. This indifferent reply by the two was brought up by Shrishty Rode during the press conference.
Dipika Kakar alleges that Jasleen was reluctant to talk about her relationship with Anupa Jalota. This question is raised by several other contestants. Jasleen silences everyone by saying: "This is not a show about dating, it's Bigg Boss." When Hina Khan asked Jasleen to say it clearly, she said: "I accept it." 
But looks like it was a little too late for Jasleen to accept it as the Jodi loses to singles represented by Shrishty by the majority.
Next up was Nehha Pendse against Deepak and Urvashi. Nehha says that Deepak and Urvashi are too carefree and do not have a strategy in place to tackle the contestants in Bigg Boss. She also accused them of not participating in activities. 

Anup Jalota and Jasleen came to Deepak and Urvashi's defense saying that Nehha is unprepared and probably chose Deepak and Urvashi's name in hurry. However, she defended herself by saying that this was necessary to get clarity of thought. In this second round, singles represented by Nehha was outvoted.

The remaining contestants will commence the same task on Day #2 tonight. We can’t wait to see more drama unfolds!



Don’t forget to tune in to Bigg Boss S12 at 10pm daily on Tara HD.

Image source: Voot, Colors

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