Pei Vettai: A Dark Shadow Terrorizing Bike Riders

  • 26 Nov 2018

Pei Vettai revolves around a team of paranormal activists led by former Thigil host Lingkesvaran Maniam. These activists go on a spine-chilling ride searching for the most haunted locations in Malaysia, with the motive of busting the tales tied to the place.

Here's what you can expect in Pei Vettai EP7:

A haunted estate house at Ipoh

An estate located at Teja, a place which is approximately 9km from Gopeng. This estate house is well-known for a creepy dark shadow disturbing the nearby bike riders during night travelling, causing unnecessary accidents.

Nightmare for bike riders

Many people from this estate claim that they have seen a dark shadow standing at the roadside beside this old lot house. It appears all of a sudden, crosses the road and moves fast into the house. Many accidents have occurred due to this causing the estate people to avoid that road during night travelling.

Active paranormal activities

Our Pei Vettai paranormal activists who wanted to check out the house got shocked when the EMF meter began showing danger, even during day time. 

Watch our Pei Vettai team unveil the mystery behind this haunted estate house. Watch Pei Vettai on 2nd December @ 9.30PM on Vinmeen HD Ch231:

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