Let’s Go to Mount Kinabalu with One Step Higher!

  • 26 Nov 2018
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Kota Kinabalu, formerly known as Jesselton, is the state capital of Sabah. The city is located on the northwest coast of Borneo facing the South China Sea. At the Signal Hill Lookout point, you can enjoy stunning views over the city. The city also serves as an entryway to visitors heading to the amazing Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, Padas River for white water rafting, or Mount Kinabalu. 

Mount Kinabalu is the highest peak in Borneo's Crocker Range and is the highest mountain in Malaysia. The mountain and its surroundings are among the most important biological sites in the world. 

More than 6,000 species of plants, 326 types of birds, and more than 100 mammalian species are identified. Among them, the gigantic Rafflesia plants and orangutan are notable. Mount Kinabalu has been accorded UNESCO World Heritage status. 

This week, our participants of One Step Higher will get ready to reach the highest peak in Malaysia. Once they have arrived at Kota Kinabalu airport, they left to Ranau. It's a hilly region and is the largest producer of highland vegetables in the state of Sabah. 

Tourism and highland agriculture are the major industries, as the district is at 1,176 m above sea level. These include Mount Kinabalu (the tallest mountain on Borneo), Kinabalu Park, Poring Hot Springs and many more.

However, their journey towards Ranau was hit by a heavy downpour of rain. Despite the initial troubles, the girls become high in spirits after reaching Ranau and get a glimpse of the mountain range. Their journey to the peak will start the following day early morning. 

Don’t miss the girls trying to reach the highest mountain in Malaysia. Watch One Step Higher on Astro Vaanavil this Saturday (1st Dec 2018) at 8:00 pm! 

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