A Birthday Celebration in the Middle of Jungle

  • 07 Nov 2018

In this episode, the girls spend a few days in the jungle to reach two different peaks in their hike.

Their journey starts at 3.30am from the base camp, all the way to the peak of Gunung Korbu. As it was still dark, the girls struggled to hike with confidence.

Soon after summiting Gunung Korbu, the journey didn't stop there. They continue their hike to Gunung Gayong, which is 2.4 KM from Bukit Korbu.

In the midst of all the struggle, the girls took a break to celebrate Ilavarasi's birthday in the middle of the jungle. It was such a beautiful sight.

You will be mesmerized with Mossy forest all the way from Gunung Korbu to Gunung Gayong. Don’t miss One Step Higher on 10th Nov at 8:00 pm only on Astro Vaanavil.

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