KL to KK: Discovering Perak's Tourist Trail

  • 07 Nov 2018

KL to KK crew is ready to go on another adventure in one of the states in Malaysia. This time around, they are heading to Perak! Here's what to expect in the upcoming episode:

The Infamous Perak Food

One thing every Perak-ian can swear by is their authentic and delicious food. Hosts Mugen Rao and Hema Ji make pit stops at some of Perak's iconic food places. Go food hunting with them! 

Uncovering History 

Perak is rich with history. We've heard them all during our History lessons in school. Now, it's time for some practical site visit. The hosts are thrilled to show you around some of the historical attractions in Perak. 

Following Nature's Trail

You might be surprised with all the natural wonders Perak has to offer. The hosts go on a nature's trail, from jungles to lakes. Join them to find out!

Perak-ians & Their Laidback Lifestyle

Nothing beats the calm, laid-back lifestyle of Perak-ians. It's an escape from the hustle and bustle city. Watch our hosts getting friendly with the locals and learning about their ways.

Discover Perak in this episode! Don't miss KL to KK this Sunday at 9pm only on Vinmeen HD...

'KL to KK' is an adventurous ride across Malaysia! Travel with our hosts Hema and Mugen on their journey to unique places exploring food, art, and culture.

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