Time to Explore Selangor's Hidden Attractions

  • 22 Oct 2018

In this week's KL to KK, hosts Mugen Rao and Hema Ji discover beautiful and unique attractions around Selangor! It's true that many Selangorians have stayed here all their lives, but failed to visit these places. Simply because they don't know of its existence.

Here's a quick glimpse at what you can expect in this weeks KL to KK:

1. Jungles Jingles

This time around, the hosts explore a jungle by the lake and surrounded by hills. For some undisclosed reason, Hema Ji appears to be abnormally enthusiastic. What happened in the jungle?

2. Adventure All the Way

Who said weekends in Selangor are only about cinemas and late night outs? The hosts will introduce you to a whole new world of adventure this week. From kayaking to rock climbing, Selangor has numerous adventure spots that you must try out! 

3. Best Fruits in Town

Fresh and affordable, this is the place to go for all kinds of fruits, especially Malaysian fruits. Our hosts have a blast feasting on Malaysia's iconic fruits and you need to watch the show to find out where is this place!

If you want to get to know the full story, don't miss KL to KK this Sunday at 9pm only on Vinmeen HD!

'KL to KK' is an adventurous ride across Malaysia! Travel with our hosts Hema and Mugen on their journey to unique places exploring food, art, and culture.

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