Did Riythvika Just Won Bigg Boss S2?

  • 29 Sep 2018

Bigg Boss Tamil S2, one of the most celebrated show in India and several other countries, is finally coming to an end!
Bigg Boss S2 started with 16 contestants and the 17th contestant joined later on during the wild card entry. The show which supposed to end on its 100th day, were extended for another 5 days for some unknown reasons.

UPDATE: News from Indiaglitz reported that Rithvika is the title winner of Bigg Boss 2. According to the news, Janani, Viji and Aishwarya did give a tough competition for Riythvika till the last moment, however Riythvika managed to win the hearts of the audience. A well-deserved win!

Even though there are four finalists in the end, yet only two of them stood out and created a huge name for themselves. Out of Riythvika, Janani, Viji and Aishwarya, only Riythvika and Aishwarya are popular among the viewers.

Both are strong individuals, who are shining in their very own way! Here's what we observed from Bigg Boss so far:

Aishwarya Dutta


Aishwarya is indeed a strong competitor in the show. But we can only blame herself for portraying her character that way. It was her decisions which made her unpopular among the viewers, yet she also managed to gain some loyal followers for her cute expressions.
Some people tend to compare her to Bigg Boss S1 contestant Oviya, who was cornered for being honest. Yet many failed to realize that Aishwarya was not cornered, but she picked side and pretended as though others cornered her.
Yashika was Aishwarya's pillar of strength! Aishwarya did great in the given tasks, yet most of the times she depended on Yashika for survival.
But Aishwarya should still be applauded for being herself in the show. She smiled, cried, screamed and showed all emotions as it is, and did not pretend in front of the camera.
There were some good moments with Aishwarya in the house and lots of unfair and dishonest moments as well. Aishwarya's 'anything to survive' attitude was even criticized by Kamal who thought that she's setting a wrong example for the kids who tuned into the show.
However, speculations were making round that Aishwarya was saved from elimination each time because the show needed her for its TRP rating. Without Aishwarya, the show will be losing its spark, with no problems and fights to talk about. In the end, no viewers enjoy a show which has no controversies.


Riythvika is the total opposite of Aishwarya and is comparable to Bigg Boss S1 contestant Oviya for her honesty.
She showed no favoritism and most importantly played an individual game!
Despite following every rule in the Bigg Boss house since day one, Riythvika remained unpopular for half of the show as there are no controversies which involved her.
She had trouble mingling with her fellow housemates for the first few weeks, and showed least emotions of all. She was criticized at first for pretending to be nice, but over time we noticed that she's such in real life.
Even though Riythvika was well behaved since day one, but her participation in the tasks were poor. She was being less competitive compared to Aishwarya. In the end, Bigg Boss is not only about behaving well on-screen, but about taking part in the tasks and capturing the audience's heart.
Riythvika failed to capture the audience's heart at first, but did so later with her attitude!

A girl who will do anything to win and a girl who played it the right way! Who do you think will win the Bigg Boss S2 title

Source: Indiaglitz & Vijay TV

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