Powerful Ganesha Pancharatnam Slokas for Health & Wealth

  • 13 Sep 2018

Beck in the 8th century, Sri Maha Ganesha Pancharatnam is a set of 5 'slokas' or verses composed by Sri Adi Sankara Baghavadh Pada for those wishing to receive the blessings of Lord Ganesha or Vinayagar.

It's believed that chanting these 'slokas' regularly is a powerful way to attain both material and spiritual wealth. Together with wealth and prosperity, the recital of the Ganesha Pancharatnam will bestow you with a long, healthy life and noble sons. The best time to recite these verses are in the morning.

Make your Vinayagar Chathurti celebration merrier with this special rendition of Ganesha Pancharatnam from album Ayushman Bhava released by Brinda Rishikumar.

Composed by music directors Balanraj and Jagathees, Brinda Rishikumar's debut album ’Ayushman Bhava’ is a modern fusion of famous devotional songs. Catch her rendtion of 'Muthai Tharu Pathi Thirunagai’ song from the same album here: Devotion Meets Music: Ayushman Bhava Album Launch @ Midvalley

Source: Divine Temples, Stahya Sai with Students & Voidcan
Photo Credit: YouTube

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