Is Something Going on Between Aishwarya and Snehan?

  • 13 Sep 2018

It's a brand-new day with S1 contestant in the Bigg Boss house. Well with Snehan around, we all know roughly what to expect.
Snehan and Aishwarya was seen getting along well with each other. But at a point we are not sure if they are being just friendly or if they are flirting.

"Your wife is lucky," says Aishwarya; to which Aarthi replied "we are looking for a suitable bride for him and that's the reason he re-entered the house."

Is there something that we are missing out on?
Earlier during the routined morning dance, Snehan kneeled and gave flowers to Suja and Aishwarya. Meanwhile, Gayathri requested Aishwarya to get dressed like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Kajol to tackle Bigg Boss's Shah Rukh Khan. Yes, they are referring to Snehan!

Surprisingly, Aishwarya seems to get along very well with the S1 contestants. Both Snehan and Aishwarya ended up dancing for a romantic song together, where Snehan even carried her. Well, we all know Snehan and his moves around girls.


During the next task, the S1 and S2 contestant went head to head against each other. The housemates played the game roughly and some even felt uncomfortable with Snehan hugging them while trying to stop them.
We've watched Snehan hugging the girls in S1 of Bigg Boss, and now he's back to do the same in Bigg Boss 2. Certain people will never change no matter what and Snehan is indeed a great example for that!

At a point during the task, Bhalajie fell on top of Viji, causing her to sprain her neck. But no worries, she's safe!
For the next tasks, Bigg Boss played several controversial clips from Bigg Boss S1 and S1, and the housemates can question and get the clarification they needed.

The first clip was from Bigg Boss S1, where Gayatri and Julie disrespects Oviya till she burst out.

"You advised us to give respect to our fellow housemates, but why didn't you follow your own advice? Orukku than ubathesama?" questioned Viji to Gayatri.

Gayatri struggled to answer, but Snehan came to the rescue and explained that they have learned from their mistakes.
The next clip was about the argument between Viji, Aishwarya and Mumtaz during nomination. After the question and answer session, Gayatri made both Viji and Aishwarya to apologize to each other.

The epic event of Oviya dragging Julie in the red carpet was discussed next, followed by, Bhalajie refusing to nominate and demands to talk to Bigg Boss.

"Most of you are unable to make your own decision to nominate someone and decide based on other's opinion. Some of you are not even respecting Kamal and sitting crossed legged in front of him," conveyed Snehan.


Snehan's lecture did affected Mumtaz, who breaks down and cried knowing that she's among them who disrespected Kamal. From the Bigg Boss promo, we can see that Snehan tried his kattipudi vaithyam to Mumtaz and she avoided that gracefully.
It's too obvious that he's merely taking advantage in the name of consoling others. We don't see him hugging Bhalajie or Vaiyapuri till now, but tried it with most of the ladies in the house already.

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