"I Can Destroy Anyone's Name in 5 Mins. But, I'm Playing Honest!" - Vaishnavi

  • 10 Aug 2018

The Bahubali 2 song 'Vandhaai Ayya' put everyone into silence as it marks the passing of Kalaingar. After the song, the housemates resumed their daily morning routine.

Finally, we got to see Yashika and Aishwarya discuss the two people (Mahat and Shariq we assume) who made them emotionally vulnerable.
‘We have given space to these 2 people a lot. They got on our heads, danced, did everything and even spoiled my name.” - Aishwarya

Referring to Mahat, Yashika said that she confronted him face-to-face. Despite their intimate moment and closeness, these two have always claimed to be friends and Mahat has openly professed his 'love' for current girlfriend.

“He said he will tell the truth to his girlfriend. I laughed at him. The truth will stop at your throat and all you will tell are lies.” - Yashika

One other thing that surprised us is Riythvika's verdict on 'Ennai Pol Oruvan'. She chose Janani from Red team and Aishwarya from Blue team as best performers. We loved Janani's portrayal of Senrayan, but Aishwarya, not so much. Worst performers were Dany from Blue team and Ponnambalam from Red team. Really, Ponnambalam? He's the most entertaining of all. Why Riythvika, why?

Dany and Ponnambalam were punished to cook for the housemates on their own for 2 full days.Yashika didn’t win because she didn’t do only one thing that Vaishnavi does.

“Every time there's a task. Vaishnavi always talks to the judge. But, in Vaishnavi’s character, Yashika didn’t do that. I was waiting for her to do that.” – Riythvika

Vaishnavi breaks down while talking to Mumtaz and Bhalajie about how Dany illtreats her. 

"Nobody has treated me so badly like this. He has assassinated my character in front of everyone.”

According to Vaishnavi, she too can assassinate anyone’s character in the house in 5 minutes. But she prefers to play honest. Let's see how honest is she after this...

Mumtaz and Bhalajie consoled her at first and then, the conversation shifted to Mahat stuffing clothes into his back to imitate Mumtaz. Mumtaz confronted Vaishnavi for helping him. 

Housemates paid a tribute to Kalaignar M Karunanidhi. Some shared their thoughts and memories about Kalaignar. 

Again, some boring task designed to make them fight! A debate competition with questions related to the happenings in Bigg Boss villa. Everyone started attacking each other.

Seriously, how long they are planning to cook the same story? This is becoming more and more repetitive every episode!

Source: Vijay TV

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