How to Find Authentic 'Spadikam Maalai'?

  • 09 Aug 2018

'Spadikam' or Quartz stone is said to possess great power! It can get rid of negativity and even acts as a protection. If you are wearing or reciting mantras with 'spadikam maalai', it's best if you learn the true benefits and ways to identify the authenticity of this 'universal crystal'.


Surprising Benefits of Spadikam

1. Spadikam helps to get rid of negativity and acts as a protection. It can be used to cleanse our environments at home or workplace. The spadikam wearer is protected from negative vibes because of the strong field of light and energy from spadikam.

2. This 'universal crystal' acts as a coolant that brings down the temperature of the wearer's body. Wearing the spadikam maalai during fever can be very effective as well.

3. Spadikam benefits the wearer's overall health. It's believed to relieve headaches, hypertension, and high-stress levels.

4. If you are having insomnia, you might want to consider wearing a spadikam maalai. It helps the wearer to have a peaceful sleep.

5. Apart from its physical and emotional health benefits, this crystal also gives the wearer a sharper and more focused mind giving more wisdom and a sense of wellbeing.
Even 'Shiva Limgam' and 'Nandi' made from Spadikam possess the benefits mentioned.

Key Points to Find Authentic Spadikam

1. One of the first things you notice about Spadikam is that it's very cold when you touch it. If not, there are high chances for it to be a fake.

2. Spadikam is transparent and has high clarity. It's also heavy and makes a unique sound when dropped on a glass.

3. Only buy from verified and authentic stone dealers or brands. Don't opt for the cheap versions in smaller shops and street-side stalls.

Source: Self Growth, Cosmic Insights & Sphatik Mala
Photo Credit: Gift of Forest

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