Winners Of Mughal E-Azam Musical Giveaway Contest!

  • 07 Aug 2018

Congratulations to the winners of Mughal E-Azam Musical Giveaway Contest! You have won a pair of ticket each to watch the musical!

1. Ashwinder Kaur (830405xxxxxx)
2. Satvinder Kaur (750801xxxxxx)
3. Sheela Kaur (650711xxxxxx)
4. Balvinder Kaur (710325xxxxxx)
5. Sharmila a/p Gunam (750507xxxxxx)
6. Sharon Anthony Dass (890111xxxxxx)
7. Jaya Shalini    (850720xxxxxx)
8. Koo Soo Ming    (590906xxxxxx)
9. Siti Farishah (911028xxxxxx)
10. Riza Osman (961118xxxxxx)

If you're an Astro Employee or an immediate family member of Astro Employee, you will not be entitled to receive the free tickets!

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