Winners Of Ghajinikanth Premiere Ticket Giveaway!

  • 03 Aug 2018

Congratulations to the winners of Ghajinikanth Premiere Ticket Giveaway Contest! You have won a pair of ticket each to watch Ghajinikanth starring Arya, Sayyesha and Satish.

  1. Kartik Velasamy    (910225xxxxxx)
  2. Thenmoli (850919xxxxxx)
  3. Aswinsagar K.P Panchasaram (900718xxxxxx)
  4. Geevaa Kaanden (991212xxxxxx)
  5. Ragulan A/L Lechumamam (900220xxxxxx)
  6. Satheeskumar Panirselvam (901222xxxxxx)
  7. Sathiswaran Ganesan (880827xxxxxx)
  8. Shanti rangarajo (860406xxxxxx)
  9. Selventheeran Muthaiah (800904xxxxxx)

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