The Police And Thieves Formed A Pack Against The Public! Sounds Cliche?

  • 12 Jul 2018

It's a brand new day in the Bigg Boss house and the Police-Thief-Public task is going on still!

The thieves decided to steal a bowl of curd from the kitchen and since the police decided to just stand and watch, Ponnambalam pushed and spilled it. This made the housemates furious, as it's not easy for them to get food in the house.

Mumtaz, Senrayan and Mahat were starving as the housemates decided not to provide them with food. Or should we say that the police were too stingy to spend money and buy food? They expected the public to give it for free.

Since they were issuing fines to the public for failing to salute them as per the rule, it is also the public's task to charge others for food. The thieves, on the other hand, had a yard sale and sell off the items they stole at the house for a lower price.

But what's shocking is that the police decided to work together with the thieves and go against the public. 

The police team sketched a plan with the thieves, put up a small drama in front of the public and got themselves apples for lunch. This caused the public to be furious as the police supposed to return the items they confiscated to the public and not make it their own.

The problems got bigger when the Mahat and Balajie started arguing and Mahat ended up using inappropriate words towards Balajie.

The problem continued and some of the housemates couldn't make up their mind whether they want to continue the task or if they want to quit. After non-stop problems in the house, the public decided to quit the task.

Following that, Ramya was sacked from her leadership position as she failed to follow the rules. And Nithya volunteered to become the new house leader.

The task still continues and let's see what the housemates got to offer tonight!

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