Naan Kabali Alla Is Meant To Create Social Awareness!

  • 11 Jul 2018
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Naan Kabali Alla is an upcoming 13-episode drama series featuring famous Malaysian artistes namely Jasmin Michael, Dr. S. Selvamuthu, David Anthony, Yasmin Nadiah, Rajam, K.S. Maniam, Sam and many more. 

Nevertheless, Indian artiste such as Bose Venkat, Nirosha and many have also acted in this series, which was written and directed by R.P. Ravi and Bharathiraaja. 

The main objective of Naan Kabali Alla is to show the right direction to school drop-outs!

This drama is a part of an awareness program which focuses on skill developments for school drop outs! This action packed drama revolves around gangsterism, drug trafficking, smuggling and other crimes related to school drop outs particularly our Indian youths.

Stay tuned as we are bringing Naan Kabali Alla to you very soon:


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