‘Allegra Allegra’ Singer Rita: Becoming a Singer is a Struggle!

  • 11 Jul 2018

Remember the sizzling song from Kandasamy, ‘Allegra Allegra’? The singer Rita Thyagarajan is now one of the judges in Superstar 2018. She has worked with directors like Ilaiyaraaja, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Mani Sharma, D. Imman, Vidyasagar and Devi Sri Prasad.

Her singing journey began at 5. Her mom, a Veenai player became the biggest inspiration for her to learn music. After completing her college studies, Rita got interested in light music and started handing out her singing demo CDs.

“I gave my demo CDs to many people and it was a long process. Not many would even hear it and getting the opportunity was extremely difficult.”

“The first music director to call me was D. Imman and after singing in the chorus for a long time, I got my first chance in the movie Aanai, also by D. Imman,” she expressed.

When asked about her strength in music, she responded by saying, “Learning Carnatic music is a big asset for me. I’m not sure if I can sing like this if I didn’t learn it.” 

Watch her full interview to know how she shot to fame after Kandasamy’s ‘Allegra Allegra' song:

After her interview, it can be concluded that becoming a singer and that too, a well-known singer is a great struggle. For aspiring singers out there, we’ve got some simple steps for you to get yourself noticed and receive more singing opportunities:

1. Prepare a Singing Demo

This is the first step for you to show your dedication to becoming a singer. Prepare your singing demo on a CD or pendrive and always keep it with you. You can also upload the demo online on your social media platforms which brings us to the next step.

2. Establish Social Media Presence

Be everywhere and establish yourself as a singer online. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are wonderful platforms to get loyal followers. Setting up a Youtube channel is a must! Stay active and post your singing videos as often as possible to display your versatility as a singer. 

3. Join Singing Competitions

A classic move but very effective. These competitions provide you with a platform to expose your singing talents. It’s also the place where you can meet and engage with other singers, musicians or music directors. Join your local singing auditions or competitions to give a shot!

4. Perform in Events

You will never know where you might end up one day if you continue to perform in public or private events. Your next music director might just be one of the viewers. Singing at events can also sustain you financially in case you are looking to become a singer full time.

5. Produce Your Own Songs

It’s always good to pick up additional music skills than just singing. Learn to write your own songs and make music. There are many online software for beginners who want to produce their own songs. This will add value to you as a multi-talented musician. Once you are making your own songs, it’s time to promote them or even sell them online. There are various online distributor websites where you get paid a royalty fee for your songs. 

6. Collaborate with Famous Social Influencers

Social media celebrities are very influential as they have a large follower base you can tap into. Get into collaborations with them, even if it’s for free, you can get noticed by their followers. 

Becoming a singer is not as easy as you think. Work hard and smart by following our simple steps. Good luck to you!

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