Psychomantra: Quality Music Help Us Sustain In The Industry

  • 28 Jun 2018

My real name is Krishna Kumar and I'm known to many as Psychomantra. My hometown is Cheras, but we moved to Johor later on and that's where my musical journey started.

My parents had no interest in music. To be honest, I didn't even realize my interest until a later time.

I was studying Mechanical Technology in ITE, Singapore when I learned my interest in music. It was during my college's annual gathering where I saw a Malay group performing.

That was the first time I was exposed to hip hop music and I immediately got hooked to it. I adopt the name Psychomantra - psycho represents craziness and mantra represents my lyrics.

After watching them perform, I realized that there are very less Rap artistes in Malaysia during that time. I wanted to explore the genre more and create Hip Hop songs in Tamil.

But I was just 24 years old that time and had no contact or connection in the music industry. I connected with the artists online and started building my contact.

I received my first opportunity to do a single in the album '5 Elements' by McVa. That song gave me a good recognition.

Following that, I came out with my own album 'Oru Kirukkanin Kaviyam' in the year 2007. I even got the opportunity to perform in THR Magnum Concert, which was my very first stage performance.

In the year 2010, I released my next album 'Punithamana Thulasi'. The album featured 20 songs and 10 of the songs were super hit. I collaborated and released another album titled 'Kolappadi'.

After releasing the album in the year 2012, I took a 5-year gap from releasing my own album and focused on producing album for other upcoming artists via my very own 'Vocagenie Studio'.

Last year, I released a single titled 'Dhrogam' and I'm about to release the female version of the song sang by 'Senthoora' fame Luksimi Sivaneswaralingam very soon!

I would like to thank my loving family, my fans and the media who helped me succeed in my music career.

Even though many believe that this is a very difficult industry to survive, yet I believe that it is not
difficult if the people love the songs that you make. We are not on par with the music industry in India, but we are the pioneer of Tamil Hip Hop songs. It is just a matter of time until we reach that level. 

Now, I'm working on 'Concert Sampai Salam Savadi' which will be held in Johor Bahru. Watch me on Ithu Namma Paattu La on 1st July @ 8pm only on Astro Vaanavil Ch201. Stay tuned...


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