Punitha Raja: Music Is My Passion, Not My Career

  • 22 Jun 2018

My hometown is Ampang, yet we moved to Klang when I was 15 years old. My family is the reason why I'm very passionate about music. Everyone in my family could sing!

My dad is a stage performer and he was also part of a band. Meanwhile, all my 4 siblings can sing well too. 

I started singing thevaram when I was still little. I've learned music as well, but unfortunately, I could not complete it. I've even had the opportunity to sing on stage.

I knew I could sing since a small kid. But I only realized my ability to be a lyricist once I enrolled in my university. I used to take the beat of Kollywood songs and write my own lyrics for it. At first, I started writing lyrics to tease my friends, but over time I knew it was my passion. I couldn't thank my friends enough who encouraged me and made me realize my talent.

It was a difficult time for my family and I when my cousin passed away. At the same time, the MH370 controversy was going on. That's when I wanted to pour my emotions into a song. I released my first single 'Uyire', which was played in Raaga Top 10 for a few weeks. It was an immature attempt and I didn't know much about releasing songs, as well as to promote it.

After some time, the idea for Ponnungale Thappa Pesathe strikes my mind. It took me about 2 days to complete the lyrics for that song.

Since I was from a media background, I had the contacts of a few musicians. I was working at RTM even before joining university and I continued working at RTM after graduating as an assistant producer and a journalist.

After writing the lyrics for Ponnungale Thappa Pesathe, I was looking for a music composer. It was Santhesh who helped to introduce me to the people in the industry. At the same time, it was Rabbit Mac who taught me about releasing singles and everything I should know about the industry. 

After I released the Ponnungale Thappa Pesathe single, my followers increased. After that, I released another single titled 'Iraiva' for charity, where Thiban helped compose the music for free. Moving forward, I also released another single 'Why Da'.

During the Jallikattu controversy, I released a single for that which went very viral. The song was even mentioned in Sun News. I received numerous praise for that and again, my followers started increasing.

All the while I was only releasing singles. It was Mr. KV Morgan of KVM Production who encouraged me to release my first album 'Rasam', which was packed with various genre songs. He encouraged and motivated me to be a benchmark for all the female artists out there and even funded my album. Without him, I wouldn't even have the idea to release an album in the first place!

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