Shane Xtreme: My Studio Was Robbed, And I Lost Everything I Had In A Minute

  • 07 Jun 2018

Brickfields is my hometown, yet my family moved to Selayang a long time ago.

I got my interest in music through my family, it was inherited actually. My granddad was a veenai maker from Kerala and my dad and my brother can sing well too. But they were not interested in making music as their career, like me.

I started listening to AR Rahman songs when I was just 6 years old and got very inspired. I was curious to know how he makes such a beautiful music.

As time goes by, my interest in music only grew bigger. However, I did not know much about being a music composer or about making it a career.

I was studying form 3 when the movie ‘Mugavari’ released. I learned a lot about music composers by watching the movie. It was an eye-opener for me, yet I was willing to try it out despite realizing the struggle of the industry.

I owned a keyboard which was given to me by my mom when I was just a kid. I started exploring the keyboard, creating interesting sounds at the age of 16. I also started jamming with my friends and together we explored music even more.

To pursue my passion in this industry, I joined the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) at Subang Jaya. Unfortunately, I could not continue my studies due to financial constraint. It was a tough decision to drop out of the college, as I know that’s where my passion lies. But it was a decision I was forced to make.

After being a college dropout, I decided to start working. But again, I followed my passion and joined CK Music, a store which sells musical instruments. I was working there as a keyboard administrator and I learned to play many musical instruments during my free hours at the store.

Since my name is Shane and I was selling Xtreme brand keyboard at the music store, people started recognizing me as Shane Xtreme and the name stuck. Yes, that’s how I got my name ‘Shane Xtreme’!

Moving forward, I secured a job as a music composer at ‘Art Bone Media’, a studio belonging to my friend SK Thiyagu. Working there gave me the boost I needed to penetrate into the industry. However, he decided to sell the studio after 2 years and that’s when I decided to have my own studio.

I opened ‘S.C.I.I Studio’ in the year 2010 in Brickfields. I started composing music for many and had quite a stable career. Things were going fine until one day, I lost everything I owned!

In the year 2014, my studio got robbed. And all the equipment which I collected over 9 years were gone just like that. The estimated cost of the robbed equipment was between RM100,000 and RM150,000, and I couldn’t sustain in the industry without having the necessary equipment to compose quality music.

I was depressed and devastated! I could not focus on anything for over a year. At a point, I wanted to start over and opened a studio in Selayang. But I encountered lots of problems and disturbances, where I eventually closed the studio.

After some time, I returned to Brickfields again and started my studio here. Being a musician is very tough. I was on the verge of giving up, but it was my love for music which helped me sustain no matter how difficult things get.

At the same time, my wife and my family were there as my pillar of support during my good and bad times. It was their prayers and support which helped me survive my downfall!

For now, I’m not fully recovered from the loss I had to bear, but that isn’t going to stop me from creating amazing music.

Watch me on Ithu Namma Paattu La this week, on 10th June at 8pm only on Astro Vaanavil Ch201. Stay tuned!

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