Raj's Banana Leaf: Are They Closing Forever?

  • 31 May 2018
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After Raj's Banana Leaf restaurant's viral video went under online attack and temporarily closed without futher notice, the authorities invited the public for a free 'Buka Puasa' dinner on 31st May 2018 in a Facebook post on their page.

However, the restaurant premises still appear closed at 6.45pm that day. Exclusive photos from the restaurant in Bangsar:

It all began when a video showing workers at Raj's Banana Leaf restaurant using murky water in a roadside puddle to wash plates. The 30-second video caused enough stir to close down the restaurant and has been issued with atleast 3 notices of offence by the Ministy of Health (MOH). We managed to get a closer look at the puddle.

Another issue that caught the eyes of the netizens is that Datuk Lee Chong Wei was the Director of the restaurant but the restaurant management has defended him saying that he stepped down prior to the viral video incident.

 This is the alleged video that went viral:

More than ever, now everyone is worried to eat out after this incident went viral. How about you?

Photographer: Heikal Abdul Mutadhir

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