First 100 Days of the New Government

  • 01 Jun 2018
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The newly-elected Government has pledged to the 'rakyat' to fulfill 10 promises in its FIRST 100 DAYS. The promises include:

1. Abolish GST and reduce the cost of living for the people

2. Reintroduce government subsidies for petrol

3. Eliminate the debt forced upon the FELDA settlers

4. Introduce EPF schemes for housewives

5. Introduce a minimum wage for the whole country and continue to increase the minimum wage value over the years

6. Postpone the repayment of PTPTN loans for those who are earning below RM 4,000 a month

7. Establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate 1MDB, FELDA, MARA and Tabung Haji, and make changes to the leadership structure

8. To restore Sabah and Sarawak's autonomous rights as stated in the Malaysia Agreement 1963

9. Introduce 'Skim Peduli Sihat' that help finance basic healthcare in registered private clinics for citizens under the B40 class

10. Re-evaluate the 'Mega Projects' that have been awarded to foreign countries

Stay tuned to find out how the first 100 days turn out!

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Photo Credit: The Peak Malaysia

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