Why Will You Love Eneke Vaa S2?

  • 15 May 2018
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The Season 2 of Eneke Vaa prank show is back with a bang. Here are all the reasons why you will love this season even more!

1. It’s Too Funny

No matter how serious and tensed up the victims get during the prank, their reactions are hilarious for the viewers. Although it’s somewhat cruel, we must agree that it’s entertaining to watch the victims trying to understand what’s happening around them. Haha!

2. Real Emotions

The show is not scripted. Which is why the victims often react in the most unexpected ways—some are puzzled, angry, scared or even too shocked for words. It is never the show makers’ intention to hurt or belittle anyone. Bravo to all the victims who have handled the pranks very sportingly!

3. Your Friend, Your Doom

Did you know? The main culprit behind every prank is the victim’s own family member or friend. Often, this other person who is completely aware of the prank will join hands with our talents to make this prank seem more real. There is no way for the victims to see through the prank—making it even more exciting to watch!

4. Sree Sonic is So Chill

Just the kind of vibe we need for the show. His spontaneous dialogues add an extra kick to Eneke Vaa S2. His unfiltered views of how the victims feel and behave during the prank are very interesting and of course, funny!

5. De-stress Therapy

Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.” So, here’s your 30-minute laugh out loud and de-stress therapy! Enjoy the session with your family while munching on your snacks.

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