3 Ways To Face Your Fear And Sing With Confidence

  • 16 May 2018

Many people dream of showing their inner talent to the world, but only a few actually succeed in doing so. As much as talent, it also takes a lot of courage to be able to sing on the stage and many find it difficult to face their stage fright. 

So, what are the ingredients you should have to build your confidence and shine as a fearless stage performer?

1. Have patience

Singing is a step-by-step process, as it takes time to learn a song, rhythm and so on. Thus, it is necessary to be patient and learn with full passion. 

2. Practice, practice and practice

Practicing a song over and over again is important to build your self-confidence. First, you need to convince yourself that you're a good singer in order to rock the stage.

The more you practice, the more you can improve and perform better. Thus, before you get on the stage, ensure that you have practiced well.

3. Willing to take risks

Singers gain confidence by learning to hit both the good and the bad notes. You will never know unless you try and having the courage to take risks will build confidence in knowing your voice.

Instead of choosing a simple song all the time, try to take risk once awhile and with the right amount of courage and practice, you can easily awe the crowd!

If you're a talented singer from Malaysia or Singapore between the age of 18 to 35 by 1st May 2018, then we have the right opportunity for you to shine.

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Image credit: WNPR, zimbio, radioandmusic and SouthChinaMorningPost

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